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Diving into the future ends our present


Diving into the future ends our present

Diving into the future ends our present

 Most people sit and look closely at what is coming in an exaggerated way that makes them fall into severe depression and fear all the time, so taking that course loses the pleasure of the present, which is confirmed by psychiatrists by staying away from it and not diving into it as much as possible, and to limit ourselves to paying attention to what we have now without that.

Our thinking today has simply become linked and confined to the technical field due to the progress and development of life. Since the domination of the latter on our minds, everything has become difficult, if not impossible, as the famous psychiatrist Elisa Barbash, who specializes in treating psychological trauma in America, confirmed that “depression predominates in the past and anxiety predominates in the The future, while contentment and tranquility are found in the present, and Barbash emphasizes that thinking is of essential importance as it is the starting point for healing, with emphasis on paying attention to the present moment, where our minds set up things outside this moment It is like that to live the moment of travel or a tour with the family or going to the theater or attending a wedding or a concert to leave that moment by thinking long about an issue related to the future and we are waiting for the passage of time and time for its emergence as soon as possible, so we enter the house of anxiety and turmoil because in the end we chose Our thoughts depart from this precious moment

 Barbas repeats that the sure issue for us to be in a stable thinking is to enjoy as much as possible what is happening in the present and not to pass it to the future and the past so as not to scatter attention to what is in your hands. We set our eyes to join the unknown.

On the other hand, the American professor Melanie Greenberg, an expert in positive psychology, believes that practicing for a long time and continuously to coexist with the present moment is to be satisfied with it, whatever its form, even if it is issued outside our will. Improving and ensuring change We must fight bad ideas so that they do not drag us into the future,The experience of now is subject to intuition stemming from the basis of our direct contact with things which we see and hear that do not in any way collide with prior readings from history,  the past, or speculations of a future to come. To bad memories we stop and move them to ignore, you will only get past them by making an effort towards moving them to the list of things that are not worth focusing or draining the present time

 Most of the time, it does not matter to predict amazing and impressive events, as there are results that do not come instead of the size that was the source of our expectation and dream. What is necessary is that we work hard and with all we have in the right way where the lived reality is far from the ghost of the past and not even the future