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Best places to travel around the world


Best places to travel around the world

Best places to travel around the world

It is no secret to anyone that tourism is a group of activities and trips that people take away from their homes and communities with the aim of entertainment, fun, discovery, adventure and spending a very enjoyable time. The question: When will you go and where will you go? In this article, we will answer that until you find what suits you.
Here are the best places globally recommended to travel to, as we said earlier that time is important and here

 I mean the month of April, where Istanbul is one of the most wonderful famous cities from which novels and events are woven full of different cultures and stunning nature views, and it also has a very nice weather, this city contains On magnificent buildings and palaces, then seeing the city from the top, Galata Tower, which allows you to look at the sights of Istanbul and enjoy its sights and beauty, your life may change by visiting from the first time.
 It is located exactly in the northern part of Eastern Europe, and it is one of the most attractive landscapes in the world, with many rivers and green spaces, and the appropriate time to travel to it is the spring season, considering the weather is mild and the rains are few, and this season is held by festivals and annual events big . Sri Lanka It is a picturesque island located in the Indian Ocean, and it is recommended as one of the best destinations that cannot be dispensed with in the month of May, and exactly if you want to visit the eastern coast, it contains a group of large parks that retain a number of animals such as tigers and beaches also to relax and climb The mountains, watching the beautiful landscapes, and discovering the culture of Sri Lanka, especially the landmarks of Sigiriya and the Lion Rock

 London and then London, located in England on the River Thames in the southeast, it is really a city that owns and tells many chapters about itself, the area of ​​magic and beauty, and if the visit is in the month of September, it seems that you have achieved the best time for that, where you will be able to seize the most wonderful events and attend the largest special celebrations One of the most beautiful areas that you need to visit is Buckingham Palace and Halloween, then spend time with the experience of the magical world of Harry Potter in Warren Bros. Studios and visit the British Museum, which has masterpieces from different historical periods

 Armenia is located between the European and Asian continents, separated by Iran to the south, Georgia to the north, Turkey to the west and Azerbaijan to the east. To travel and spend a wonderful vacation, especially in the month of December, and do not forget that it contains attractive places to visit Karevan, which is the capital and core of Armenia, which includes the largest buildings and historical sites such as the Blue Mosque and the Opera House, Lake Sevan: the largest lake in the country, and one of the best tourist destinations that you will ever witness, being Including great seafood,Then Mount Aragan, which is the place where the Bible tells that Noah’s Ark fell, and it is considered the largest mountain peak in terms of height in the country, as it is replete with rocky complexes as if they were paintings.

 We often think about travel, so questions and suggestions come to our minds about the destinations we want to travel to, so we searched above for the best areas in the world to spend an enjoyable travel filled with joyful memories.