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America should rule the world .. And why?


America should rule the world .. And why?

 Many American and Western writers and thinkers believe that the continuation of American hegemony over the world is the best option in order to preserve all human gains in all fields, as the world without the presence of America as a dominant superpower will become a less secure world and violence will spread in all its forms and types, and it will turn Many democratic countries with open economies have turned to dark countries or tyrannical dictatorships, especially if countries with a closed dictatorial, authoritarian political system such as China succeeded in leading the helm of global domination and domination in the next fifty years.

As the thinker, researcher and professor at Harvard University Samuel Huntington says in this regard, “A world without American sovereignty would be a world characterized by a greater degree of violence and turmoil, and a degree of democracy and economic growth less than the world, in which the United States continues to exercise influence more than any other country another in the conduct of world affairs, and thus the continuing international policy of the United States is central and important to the well-being and security of Americans, to the future of freedom, open economies, and the international order in the world.” 32.

Thus, the United States of America, which drew the rules of the international system at the Bruton’s Conference in 1944 AD, which took place between July 2, 1944 AD in the Breton Forests in New Hampshire, USA, was attended by representatives of 44 countries and the attendees agreed through which to lay the foundations and rules of the global system It is the conference from which the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development emerged, thus consolidating the control of the United States of America on the nerve of global hegemony, and it is the economy that is the main engine of the wheel of development, development and capitalist progress.

The establishment of the United Nations, with all its various institutions and over American lands, is one of the important indicators that indicate that America, as a superpower, will be in control of the threads of the global game according to a geo-strategic map that sees the United States of America as a natural extension of the Roman Empire, and therefore it must reshape the world to serve the continuity of The ancient imperial spirit, using most Roman methods, allowed Rome to continue as a world power by the standards of that era for about a thousand years, thus reviving the glories of the Western Christianized Roman Empire.

After America became the only policeman in the world as a result of rebuilding the new world order starting in 1991, American values, culture, lifestyle, thinking and life spread and affected most of the peoples and cultures of the world, and several countries became out of the Western system, such as South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries. It enjoys a large degree of democracy and peaceful transfer of power and respects human rights, and enjoys a strong and competitive Western capitalist economic system.

Despite all the advantages of American control of the world, no one can deny them, such as making the world a small village by linking the various continents and countries to the Internet and its intervention to stop the war between Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995 AD) that broke out in the heart of Europe and submitted to many Serbian war criminals To the International Court of Justice to receive their punishment, such as the former Serbian President Slogdan Milosevic and General Radovan Karadžić and others, and for providing food and humanitarian aid programs to many countries of the world affected by natural disasters and suffering from diseases and famines...

The United States of America has turned into a beacon of science and knowledge, as its various universities and institutes receive about 500,000 students annually, most of whom preferred to stay there after the end of their studies, and there is no office in any country in the world that does not have an employee who graduated from America. And other valuable American contributions in various fields that made the world a better place to live compared to previous eras of its history.