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The upbringing of children


                                              The upbringing of children

The upbringing of children is of great importance in fact, as it is the basic building block for the formation of societies and civilizations. The correct meaning of this is not achieved or settled except by controlling the behavior of this group through a set of laws or general principles. As for ignorance of it, it may result in the emergence of a disabled personality for a child, and there is no doubt also a lot. Of the effects that put us in front of embarrassment as parents.
  • The personality of the family before the personality of the child:

 We must separate this matter more and more from the resulting very distinctive and successful growth that gives the emerging human being, i.e. the child, compatibility and perfection of his personality. 
On the other hand, the integrated What must be realized above all is the family and its culture In fact, the achievement of behavior comes from them, and this is why they are considered responsible for it. Many anthropological studies have found that “the behavioral characteristics of children are a product and a reflection of the impact of the culture that he lives within the family.” If the father is shrewd and the mother is malicious, the child in comparison will adopt an identical behavior based on These factors determine, based on his family environment, which allows him, without exception, to adopt habits similar to those found in the latter, or in other words, paternity or motherhood must be commendable and rise to the required level, so that it will continue to affect filiation to a very large extent, and these variables have been observed It always depends on the social, psychological and mental state of a child, in any case, the origin in that regard belongs to families towards their children, they are the ones who judge the future personality differently, either strong or deteriorating.
It is noticeable that it is necessary to look at ourselves before our children and recognize our reality, for the degree of homogeneity is great and what is inside us is the reality of our children. 

  • Anger and aggression: 

In most cases when a child refuses to meet things, he tends to emotional manifestations, and this is considered normal, and is not dangerous except when it is repeated for a long period and in a violent manner, so it is necessary for the parents to understand and realize the reality of the child’s feelings, as neglect makes the problem constantly aggravate.


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