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the environment , ecosystem features and characteristics

                    the environment , ecosystem features and characteristics


the environment , ecosystem features and characteristics

The environment
 is a widely used word that has a close relationship according to its use in the fields, so we find the economic environment, the scientific environment, the health environment, the social environment, and this means the relationship that links business and human activities in these fields.

Ecology means the science that is concerned with the relationships between living organisms and the environment in which they exist, and the German scientist Ernst defined it as: “the science that studies the relationship of living things to the environment in which they live.” By analyzing the influencing factors such as the characteristics of the climate such as heat, cold, humidity and emitted gases, scientists unanimously see that the term “environment” means the sum of the cases and external factors in which living organisms grow and interact As for man, for him it is the medium in which he lives, which includes air, water, and soil, and what these components contain of physical and other elements from which life springs, and what activates within that medium such as weather, climate, winds and precipitations. in the life of these creatures.

Most environmental researchers agreed on two main categories: natural environment : It means the various forms that no one wants to create or use, such as: desert terrain, climate, groundwater, seas, rocks, atmosphere, hydrosphere, snow, and it also includes the continental crust and the earth.
Built environment: This environment is considered one of the human achievements who contributed to its creation by constructing and establishing material structures that arranged civilizations and societies and made their lives simple. This is represented by residential structures, agricultural lands prepared for exploration, industrial structures, companies, real estate and roads.

Environment and ecosystem and the difference between them: Many scientists tend to define the environment as the various external manifestations and factors within which living organisms live. The ecosystem is a range of nature and what it includes of living organisms and how they interact with each other. Examples of this are the ecosystem of a river, the ecosystem of a sea ... the ecosystem of a lake.

Ecosystem features and characteriistcs: 

Each ecosystem is characterized by many characteristics, the most important of which are non-living organisms: the basic organic and inorganic structures in the environment.

living organisms: 

which in turn are divided into self-feeding organisms: living organisms that synthesize their own food from easy inorganic materials through The so-called photosynthesis processes, and the organisms that consume the most carbon dioxide during the photosynthesis processes to empty the remains of oxygen into the air.

Non-autotrophic living organisms:

they are the sum of living organisms that are ignorant of the structure of their own food and contain consuming organisms and decomposers, for example insects that feed on weeds. The ones that eat these insects are also consuming creatures, but they are called “second consumers” because they are based mainly on the materials that build the bodies of insects, which came from the first source, which is plants. Plants pick it up, for example, fungi and bacteria.


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