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Information about " Adolf Hitler " and " Nazism "

                          Information about " Adolf Hitler " and " Nazism "


Information about " Adolf Hitler " and " Nazism "

Adolf Hitler grew up in a city called "Brown am Inn", which was under Austria in 1889, nicknamed "Der Fúhrer", which means according to the leading German dictionary, after his birth by his mother, he was shocked by the rejection of his father and my father refused to give him the family name, he was not He could only choose his mother's nickname "Schicklgruber", and despite that, he did not give up the call to his father's surname to eventually end up obtaining it, and from here Adolf Hitler launched his hatred against his father, and he only recognized his motherhood, which never retreated from his help and standing by him. 

 Adolf spent all his youth in Linz, the Austrian capital, and settled there throughout his life, he failed to continue his basic studies, as he left at the time of secondary school, and then moved to Vienna. Hitler dreamed only of becoming an artist, until he failed in that many times, to end up being alone and staying alone, taking advantage of loneliness to get a living. , something that gave birth to strong characteristics for the emergence of his personality to the world.

 Hitler's access to power was not easy, but rather as a result of a group of influencing factors. After Hitler returned from the First World War as a patriotic warrior, and wounded from a war that took place between the contending countries, and as a result, he was able to establish the Nazi party, which was known for its solid defense of the German state, and succeeded in gaining As Chancellor of Germany, as a result of the goals achieved by the Nazi Party as a result of the destruction inflicted on it during the war, where it was able to pressure the allies to withdraw compensation and large sums from the Allied countries, and from them he won the confidence of the German people, who will deliver the speech to him later to establish the new state of Germany and make his party The Nazi grows more and more, during which he begins to seize the reins of power and becomes the leader of German power.

 Hitler's participation in the World Wars:

First World War :

 In 1936, Hitler made an urgent decision towards the German army to invade and annex the left and unarmed banks of the Rhine River, which, after two years of leadership, made alliances with Japan and Italy to force Austria to join the alliance in order to target Czechoslovakia, as France and Britain remained peaceful and calm Without any response or resistance, and after three years Hitler concluded a pact not to attack the Soviet Union, but Hitler did not retreat one day to invade Poland, which made France and Britain to declare war on Germany, and then he also colonized Denmark and Norway and attacked France in 1940 AD to extend Thus to England, which contributed to the flight and exodus of the British and the French France retracts its intervention and immediately decides to conclude an agreement to stop the offensive with Germany. 

World War II:

 After the heat of the Second World War and its outbreak, Adolf Hitler began to focus on his primary goal of expelling the Jews from the lands annexed by the Germans or exterminating and burning them in what was known as the “Jewish Holocaust”. And his control, as countries began to exploit this point by restoring their independence and trying to liberate.

 In his lifetime Hitler possessed a power of rhetoric, persuasion, and leadership that made the people to submit complete obedience to the German leader and vote for him in everything.