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Definition of technology | Benefits ,negatives

  Definition of technology | Benefits ,negatives

Definition of technology  Benefits negatives

It is no secret to anyone that technology has become an important event today and an element of vital progress in modern societies, which is manifested in its presence at all levels of science.It can only be described by looking at life and how it continues and develops in all fields in an alarming way: industry, medicine, commerce, economics ... and others. This subject draws man to explore it and know it with true knowledge in terms of its contribution, ability and defects.
 So what is technology and its concept? What are the most prominent pros and cons of the latter? Did it really strive to achieve the goal and success for which it was founded?

The origin of the word is not English, but goes back to the Greeks, and they were the ones who were credited with creating this word, which is “teknologia” derived from two parts. It specializes in performance, application and treatment, where it studies additions and development in many fields such as industry, crafts and the arts in order to achieve basic goals for society. It is the real use of scientific knowledge and harnessing it to work for the benefit of man. It was preceded by tools, machines, devices and techniques Hence, it was necessary to talk about the benefits and advantages of technology, as the latter can never forget its contribution to the arena of modern scientific wealth in the scope of fighting epidemics and diseases, and obtaining very effective treatments, but rather diagnosing all the processes attached to it. 

* Benefits of technology :

  Facilitate all transportation, travel and transportation tools such as planes, trains and ships.
 ✓ Facilitating the functions of scientific research and the quick ability to gain access to information in a short time and without cost, as it was previously known, and this is what we find on the Internet.
 ✓ People's intense desire for modern means of communication as a result of the emergence of applications and programs that work through technology systems, phones and devices, for example.
  Protecting the internal security of countries by using technology to monitor criminal individuals and those with suspicious operations and control their perpetrators. Here, safety, stability and tranquility are achieved for s  and institutions.

 *  negatives of technology :

 Technology pros and cons We see that technology is sometimes indispensable for the progress and prosperity it has provided to the world today, but it remains limited due to many  negatives and shortcomings, the most important of which are: 
Loss of real life and deprivation of virtual life, as many become preoccupied and prefer to spend time with technology, far from experiencing real life.
  Increasing unemployment rates through dispensing with manpower and human energies, and devoting themselves to using machines in all industrial, medical and other professions. 
Tendency to wars and military conflicts, as we find technology is the necessary element in this field for invention through the production and creation of weapons of mass destruction and other lethal tools. 
The spread of many information crimes, where technology has mistakenly helped in the emergence of new crimes in societies, and it is called the phenomenon of electronic crimes. 


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