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Memory development Or how to develop your memory?

 Memory is an important element in our life, so scholars paid a great attention to it and revealed a lot towards it and studied the concepts associated with it, including forgetfulness, its effects, the method of activating memory and enhancing it to be able to capture any information, as it is one of the basic topics of its relationship to academic success and cognitive achievement, and from here it must be explained Some necessary themes, tips, and important elements that could finally be of support to strengthen your memory.
Forgetting It is entering into a failed state that causes the mind to lose a part or whole of the previously acquired information or that was stored in the memory, especially when trying to retrieve it in a momentary way, and in order to activate the memory we must treat it and understand its causes and how to get rid of it Damage It can be explained by time because the information contained in the memory fades with the passage of time, and to overcome this reason you need to review and repeat the information, simulate it in reality and invest it in the walks of life on a daily basis, and from here it is very rare to invade or forget it
The reason is due to the mixing of new data and ideas with the old information in their arrangement, so they should be organized in a certain sequence and shape to avoid the occurrence of distortion or interference that prevents the preservation of this information Unclear gains The reason is that the information is meaningless or defective and incomplete, it is always threatened with being forgotten. As for the information, complete in understanding and perception, it is difficult to lose it and forget it due to its completeness and clarity. Directions for improving memory function There is a set of mechanisms and methods that support the memory to restore its information and develop it to high levels, namely
* Connecting the thing that is being read to the senses, such as linking the shape to its name, facilitates the process of mindfulness and makes memorization simple.
 * Understanding the subject to be read by sight with the mind, and by this means, he is familiar with the words and their place in the book
 * Fine-tuning a substance with a certain consistency
 * Not to be preoccupied with the thought in unhelpful matters, because preoccupation with them spoils the concentration of memory
* The use of gestures and words will help the mind to perceive faster
* Create a new strategy for studying on the careful way by creating paragraphs that contain vocabulary while considering them for facts. Then the paper must be removed and the nature of remembering and repetition of this process will bring you to a level where the vocabulary is preserved as it is written in the paragraphs
 * Commitment to sleep and rest times of not less than eight hours, especially at night, in order to fulfill the conditions of mental and physical rest, which contributes greatly to storing data
* Engage in discussions with others on the subject of deliberation, which helps in information transmission and retrieval with ease
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